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Terms& Conditions

Terms & Conditions


If you have booked an appointment, this would mean you agree to following terms and conditions.   



o You must be 18 or over to participate in a reading.

o If the session is on video or audio, you will make the payment before the reading, In case planning to exceed the agreed prior appointment during or before the reading, difference should be paid before the unpaid session begins. 

o All the information shared with Labika will be confidential.

o Labika reserves the right to terminate the reading anytime if 

   · She feels the connection with the client is not achieved (In such cases another reading session can be booked to try the connection again)

   · She feels that the client is not psychologically ready and fit to listen.

 o The session amount paid is non-refundable in any case.

o These reading sessions does not guarantee accuracy.

o The client will take full responsibility, being of sound mind, for accepting or not accepting any guidance given, seer ship predictions and spiritual communication.

o All information is given for the client to use of their own free will.

o Healing sessions do not guarantee same results as medical results, any prescriptions given by the licensed doctors should be continued during the sessions as well. If the patient discontinues with the medical prescription Labika does not take any responsibility for this act.